Timber Veneered Doors

Timber Veneered Doors

Nordex specialty is the manufacturing of decorative timber veneered doors and we are the most respected suppliers of the same. We can supply doors both with natural imported and local Australian veneers plus all the reconstituted veneers which we source from various Australian suppliers.

As we are equipped with a hot press we can press timber veneers in-house on any of our flush MDF/LDF or blackboard core doors.

Veneered doors we normally edge with matching solid timber edge strips if available, if not we manufacture a multilayer veneer edges.

We can provide these doors with provision for (cut outs) for hardware (locks, pivot mechanism, flush-bolts, seals, grilles, etc.) and glazed viewing panels.

We can also supply our timber veneered doors pre-finished – See Spray polishing.

Natural Timber Veneers: A thin layer of timber of uniform thickness formed by either slicing or rotary peeling, the most commonly produced patterns on doors are crown or quarter cut in a book or slip match.

Veneer is more cost effective and more environmentally friendly than using solid timber.

To view a full species listing, colour samples and other additional information please click on to the Briggs Veneers website – www.briggs.com.au

Reconstructed Veneers: These are sliced from a laminated timber block made from various wood species, dyed throughout and glued together under pressure in the parallel configuration. Being made out of natural timber, it should be treated like any other veneer during the manufacturing process.

One of the perceived benefits of reconstructed veneers is the consistency in colour and grain.

Within block lots, there is generally acceptable consistency of colour with some subtle grain differences however due to batch dyeing there can be small colour variance from block to block.

As reconstructed veneers are man-made, they generally come in defined lengths. The veneers commonly available in Australia are 2500mm, 2800mm and 3100mm lengths.

Website: www.woodveneer.asn.au

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